Achieving Social Justice and Human Rights for Newly Liberated Muslim States

Malick Elias

Social Justice, how is it achievable and what should it mean to new Muslim states? Social Justice and Human Rights, terms which we will be using in our social, religious and political discourse are rooted in Anglo Saxon political culture and caution needs to taken when employing their use. Even in Anglo Saxon culture, to which these concepts did emerge their meanings will differ depending upon whether the person using them is a Socialist, Liberal, Democrat, Conservative and or any mixture of those political ideologies.

However, despite these complexities in practice the common man will know what is implied by the use of the term justice. The eradication of extreme poverty – a subtle acknowledgement that poverty will always exist – full employment, fair and equal access to the law, the opportunities of having a basic, free and quality education, health and affordable housing are the minimum basic rights the peoples of all nations deserve. Without, their provision how can a people live with dignity?

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Why Tawheed is about Humanity and Social Justice

‘And your god is one God. There is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.’ 2:163 (Translation from Sahih International)

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Thank God, it’s Friday!

For many parts of the world, Friday is the last day of the week when you get to meet friends, spend a little, laugh a little, breath a little, throw aside the shackles of routine and lose yourself in the little freedoms and vices one can afford. In the eighties I liked letting it all loose dancing to Saturday Night Fever … Staying Alive, Staying Alive …
Now as I rush through the narrative of my Sunday to Thursday life, I eagerly look forward to spending a different sort of Friday, one where the dawn is greeted with the sublime serenity of contemplation and prayer; of expressions of gratefulness and gratitude; of hope and forgiveness; of re-establishing emotional ties with God, man, children, relatives and the world. I pray: Thank God, it’s Friday.

Welcoming 2012

Peace be with you!

As the year 2012 approaches, for most of the newly elected and soon to be elected Islamic parties in the middle east and north Africa it will be a year of hope and anxiety. Faced with a legacy of corruption and mismanagement and the distrust of mixing “religion” with politics as well as a global recession, Islamic parties will have a short time to prove that they can transform the people’s insecurities to security and poverty to prosperity. A word of comfort is God’s promise:

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