و رفعنا لك ذكرك

اللهمّ صلّ و سلّم على سيدنا و مولانا محمّد

After a month of the losing of hearts and minds over the attempted ridicule and assassination of the character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) the world should have learnt that there is a silent majority of Muslims, who though may not have demonstrated the anger shown on the streets of many of the worlds capitals, are more dangerous that the passionate amongst them.

I would like to count myself from amongst the silent majority. I know that had our Holy Prophet (PBUH) been alive today, that he would have ignored the rants and tuants of his enemies and would have felt assured that Allah would defend his sublime character. Like the many who took to the streets I too felt their anger and rage over the attempted assassination of our prophet (PBUH). But, I soon realised that there will always be someone who in the name of free speech will try to attack the venerated sensitivities of others. Talk is cheap.

I have always held as my motto in life that my enemy is entitled to say what ever they wanted in front of my face, but without physical contact or agression. At the point of physical contact my silence will be broken and ‘Allahu Akbar’ will be spoken and to Paradise’s call I will have harkened. For I am not him who will turn the other cheek. But I am neither he that will take away my enemy’s voice, because I too want that right to speak out against those barriers that hinder my spiritual and human growth.

We the silent majority knew that it was not the American government behind ‘the anti-Islamic film,’ but one of the sick products of that society. And I would like to think that the majority of those who took the streets knew this too. However, situations like these are opportunities to be explored and even exploited  by a range of interest groups and there is a valid argument that instead of Westen governments crying foul against their rights to freedom of expression – which does not seem to apply to those amongst them involved in Islamaphobic comments or practices – they as well as us could miss the opportunity here to appear to be engaging in justice by refusing to revisit laws surrounding blasphemy.

Allah does not need protecting and He will defend the reputation of His Prophets and Messengers in this world and in the next. We are the ones who need to protect each other.  I saw a cartoon somewhere which highlighted the irony of the mass demonstrations in defence of the Prophet, but not in defence of the lives of the innocent in Syria and other parts of the world where the blood of Muslims are made cheap. They have a God given right to defend themselves. They are violated against, are they not?

What last months demonstrations and parades highlighted was that there is a lot of seething  anger in the Muslim world borne out of an era of the suppression of freedom of expression towards the Western world. How ironic. We have to be wise enough, however, not to forget our priorities and avoid chasing after soft targets and scape goats or we will become our worse enemy. We are the silent majority.

O Prophet they tried and they failed

to hurt thee, they cannot prevail;

For you have already been made famous

and protected against the outrageous. 

O Prophet they cannot hurt thee, nor will they prevail.

Malick Elias

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Malick Elias

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