Can Transliterated Quranic Sheets Make a Difference to Children’s Quran Memorisation?

Islamic Pedagogy Series 1

A dilemma often faced by co-ordinators of Islamic Education when planning the delivery of Quranic memorisation is whether to begin teaching the children to read Quran first, before setting them on the path to memorisation, or to begin memorisation straight away. For classroom practitioners it all boils down to the time constraints within the curriculum and this often gives way to the use of transliterated Arabic texts. Transliterated sheets must be seen as only a temporary measure, because it does not make sense for children to memorise huge chunks of the Holy Quran and they cannot in the end read it, in Arabic.
Therefore, for those of us who will continue to use transliterated Quranic memorisation sheets a final word of warning: do not throw it at children as if to imply I have done my job to help you, but use it to gradually build the child’s memory and recalling skills, while slowly building their ability to read the Holy book in the language within which, it was revealed.

The following links contains a range of effective tried and tested resources to help you teach children to read the Holy Quran in Arabic. Use them both strategically and wisely.  Please review your success or failer after using them and send in your feedback in writing; it will be most welcomed.
Surah al-Faatiha and the last 10 Surahs transliterated Quranic monitoring sheets.
 Qaa’edah An-Nooraniyah: Nooraniyah Guide for learning to read the Holy Quran
Al-Baghdaadiya: Another great Quranic Reader Guide

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