Reforming Islamic Education: Education for a Sustainable Future

Recommended viewing for Islamic Pedagogy

Islamic Educationists have to be at the cutting edge of Education theory and practice and should not be solely motivated by tick-boxing topics covered on the curriculum.

The following documentary is five star viewing for Islamic Educators. Put together by New Future Media, it highlights the argument that educational practices in today’s schools are socially unsustainable and explores a range of pedagogies and technologies, which can improve the way teachers teach and children learn. Some ideas covered are:

  • Freedom and Control in Teaching and Learning
  • Understanding How Behaviour is Shaped and Modified
  • Teaching for Change and Adaptation
  • The Dangers of Competition-Based Learning 
  • The Importance of Examining Values
  • The Promotion of Knowledge and Skills together
  • Critical Thinking
  • Empathic Collaborative Learning 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reification, Definition and Analysis
  • Reinforcement of Sustainable Classroom Behaviour and Values

Please note that these are only ideas for consideration and should not be taken in isolation from any of the other previous suggestions we have made, for example, in our earlier article: ‘Planning Research Methods into Curriculum Delivery.’

Malick Elias

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Malick Elias

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