I heard the Call to Prayer Today

I live in between two mosques, but today was the first time I actually heard the adhaan or call to prayer as I sat lazily at the television watching the closing scenes of the children’s movie, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ What I actually heard was:

Allah is of greater importance that what you are currently doing

Allah is of greater importance that what you are doing.

I testify that there is One God, who is Allah – the Mu’adhdhin cried in the first person and I too became conscious that I was testifying myself.

When he cried: Come to prayer, Come to Success, I felt that I was being invited to pray and by the time he recited the words : Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar again, I did not wait for him to say: There is no God, but Allah, for I was already engaged in the act of purification. I pray that I hear it this way tommorow.

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Malick Elias

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