Good Examples of Tawheed in Action.

Peace be with you,
2012 has begun and some readers have been asking for practical ways to put Tawheed inĀ  Action. Steering clear of theory I wanted to share with you readers some good examples of civic participation, which I picked up from the tube.

Identify the issues, which are of great concern to all, bring people together, plan and advocate change through civic action.
It does not have to be as grand as bringing a great multitude of people together to lobby government for a range of common interests. It could be as simple as feeding the hungry in ones local community. As in the following clip:

Please send in any videos and links you find of other good examples of Tawheed (Monotheism) in Action.

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The vision of 'Vivaislam' is to provide a space for Muslim and non-Muslim activists to air their voices on how best to organise and manage their world. The aim is to focus upon recommending solutions to issues of social injustices, freedoms and citizenship facing predominantly Muslim and non-Muslim societies, rather than offering descriptions of problems. It is our hope that these voices will reach the echelons of power and influence.